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Day -2 – Foreword

12th May 2003 • Dave

To be fore warned is fore armed right? Well maybe. What follows was a collabourative effort in more ways than I am capable of expressing in mere words. However, my acquaintance, nay good friend, Mr Robert young is a man of many words, 15000 of them you will find here.

Rob challenged me to rewrite this text from my perspective, however I feel to do so would take something away from what genuinely is the definitive account of when he and I made good on a 2-year-old commitment to go to New York and have a f**king good time!

So Rob, I have failed on your challenge to redraft this tome. However, I have succeeded where you have not. I.e. bringing this tale of: entertainment, enthusiasm and excess to the widest possible audience.

Before I run out of alliterations, any reader who has curious or crazy enough to embark on this epic, will hopefully be amused, astounded and but certainly not ambivalent about Rob and I. Either we are, a pair of mindless jerks who will be the first against the wall when the revolution arrives, or we are two witty discerning erudite gentlemen of the highest calliper the like of which you are unlikely ever to meet.

Now you know why I did not write this story. Rob sir, it is over to you.

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