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The Da Vinci Code put ‘on trial’

23rd February 2005 • Dave

Fascinating that people are in such a flap about this work of fiction. It is a bit of a page turner though, that much is true. I’m up to chapter 33, about a third of the way through and I can see this occupying most of my train journey up to Glasgow tomorrow. but ultimately I guess the reaction to this book is more interesting than the book itself. Can’t wait for the Da Vinci Code film schedule for next year.

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23rd February 2005 • Dave

Check this out, what a very cool idea. What would the old boy make of his diary turning up as a blog online 340 years after he first wrote it.

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Netgear DG814

22nd February 2005 • Dave

I was amazed to find that my router which I only bought 18 months ago is no longer listed on the Netgear site. Ah but it’s still on the ADSL Guide site, so I wasn’t dreaming after all.

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Headed North

20th February 2005 • Dave

Off to see Rob. as in rob who came to New York with me in 2003.



Duration: 2:03

There are no reported incidents affecting this journey.

Well that’s the plan.

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Mogul Dynasty tandoori restaurant, Ashtead, Surrey

19th February 2005 • Dave

Upon returning to Epsom having spent the afternoon in Putney meeting someone from the Arts Councel who is coming on secondment with work, Martin and I attended this busy little curry house early on Friday evening. The food and service was tremendous. Although this place may be in danger of becoming a victim of it’s own success. The tables are very close together and the staff seemed to be seriously busy. However, no compromises were made on quality.

This was followed by the Rising Sun and a valiant but ultimately failed attempt to get the Bluetooth Braille display to work. With have another crack at that today.

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Rising Sun EPSOM

17th February 2005 • Dave

Dave’s Cottage pie was just what the doctor ordered after journeying from Preston to Epsom. Good to see the Roberts and Jade. Had 3 pints of Progress bitter and felt even more bitter about not being able to smoke in the pub. ah well tis the way of the future.

We got talking to this couple Sarah and Pete who seemed like a good laugh. Came back to the flat and are doing geek stuff. Ah well the battery is running down so I better zip.

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Going Underground

17th February 2005 • Dave

Well apparently I made it. a bit of a slow start this morning, but I’m on the 15:46 from Preston and should be meeting Martin and Jade in a couple of hours. Haven’t seen him for a couple of months so should be good to catch up. The finances are pretty limited but hopefully we can get out a bit over the weekend. I’m also going to try and meet Chrissie who lives in Putney and probably stop off at Brum on the way back to see rob.

John called and it looks like we’re all set to meet next Thursday in Glasgow. Ok, London, Brum and Glasgow is hardly doing it Michael Palin style, but should at least put my wonder-lust on hold for a little while.

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The East Lancashire Railway – Full Steam Ahead

16th February 2005 • Dave

On Monday evening my girlfriend and I spent a very pleasant 3 hours on the East Lancashire Railway special Valentine diner service. The train left Bury in Greater Manchester around 7:30PM and returned in plenty of time to allow for a couple of drinks in the Trackside bar which can be found just off the platform at the Bolton Street Station.

The Valentine Dinner menu served abord was: Melon & Pineapple Cocktail with Malibu & Coconut Syrup, Fillet of Sole with Shrimp Sauce, Leg of Lamb with Sun-dried Tomato Tart Served with a selection of vegetables and potatoes, Passion Fruit Tart with Fresh Cream, After Dinner Mints & Love Hearts and coffee etc.

We stayed overnight on Monday in Bury at the 14-room Rostrevor Hotel on Manchester Road. This small family run establishment was welcoming, and Pete and his family were very helpful.

Tuesday was a bit of a right-off work wise, just as well I’d prepared for this possibility. The day started right enough with a splendid full English breakfast at the Rostrevor. We then took a cab, followed by the Metrolink tram service into Manchester and then a train back to Preston where we went to the pub for a drink … And another drink … And another drink. Oh dear, oh dear. A liquid lunch turned into a 12 hour session culminating in one of the regulars admiting he was bi-sexual at around midnight!

I managed to get Main Menu to air for it’s usual time of 1AM, but I am obviously slurring through the introduction. Not good at all. Feeling much better after getting some lunch in me today. Also got on top of 2 days email.

I’m supposed to be going to Epsom to see Martin tomorrow, but my funds are starting to dry up. The chieve financial officer sadly passed away this week after being ill for a long time, so no clue who will be processing my invoices.

I should now be going to Glasgow next Thursday for a meeting. I am hoping to meet up with John after he and his wife put me up for the night around a year ago when I got stuck up there after missing my train home.

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