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Who Wants to Blog Anyway?

7th February 2005 • Dave

Everyone it seems.

3 … 2 … 1 and lift off of the space shuttle blog! Spewing yet more insecure vitriol out on to the Net. Like the Net needs more of this pathetic self-indulgent cack? Personal expression? Yeh right. An outlet for sad geeks with no friends or lives, to desparately try and give their lives or should that be our lives meaning, by inflicting our feckless opinionated ramblings onto the world in general. Oh and if they, we, can get away with a bit of Googlewashing at the same time, then all the better.

Right, now I have got that out of my system, a very warm welcome and all that jazz. I hate blogs. No I mean I really hate blogs. So why have I started one. Well there may be some possible reasons which may or may not be entirely true. But then you did not come here for the truth, or maybe you did?

  1. I created a blog to try and get inside the insidious mind of the rampant bloggers who seem to be taking over. Taking over what? That, I have yet to figure out.
  2. I created a blog because I subscribe to the “if you cannot beat them, join them” school of thought.
  3. I created a blog because I am desperately unhappy and need to vent along with the rest of you.
  4. I created a blog because I am a procrastinator and am engaging with any destraction however small to avoid doing any real work.
  5. I created a blog because … oh I donno, it’s probably just a blip. Normality will resume shortly.

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