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Major Service Incident with BT Wholesale network

13th February 2005 • Dave

Lost DSL service on Saturday around 1PM and it came back at about 6:30 this morning. Hopefully this is an isolated insident. I’m just a couple of hundred emails behind now. It’s quite worrying how much one misses the net when it’s not there.

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Screwed Sleeping Pattern

11th February 2005 • Dave

What am I doing, it’s quarter to 6 in the A.M. and I’m still up in the chat room talking shop. Oh well late start tomorrow, i.e. today. Which means it’ll be a late finish on friday and reduced time in the pub. Doh!

It’s been a good day though, made a lot of phone calls and got a few balls rolling and initiated a few projects which have been hanging around for a while. Btw, does anyone read this blog? Heh, if I get brave I may switch on the blogger comments feature one day.

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Sky News: Charles And Camilla To Marry

10th February 2005 • Dave

As my gf rightly said,

“I’m sick to bloody death of people saying they shouldn’t get married. Obviously it’s ok with his mum and kids or it wouldn’t be happening. So if they love each other then why not?”

Was Diana really the sort of person who would have wanted him to stay single for the rest of his life? She always knew Charles loved another woman and famously said there were three people in their marage.

In other pointless news PopBitch reckon

“Green Day singer Billy Jo Armstrong has given his son the middle name… Danger.”

I saw Green Day in concert at the MEN Arena a couple of weeks ago and they were awesome! What the front man calls his kids is … well say no more.

Ok back to the email now.

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Blogging from my phone!

9th February 2005 • Dave

Yep that is correct. Just trying to figure how nuch hastle it would be to post in this way. Well i guess it works at least.

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Emailing All Day Long

9th February 2005 • Dave

Oh joy joy joy, it’s been a long old day. Although finally I’ve managed to
amalgamate my various email archives. I have over a gig of messages going
back to early 2001 when I suffered a catastrophic system failure. I don’t
keep everything, but a good slice of it. A lot of mail still need sifting
and sorting and I’m still a long way around reading work email. But I have
resolved that from today I’m going to spend a minimum of 4 hours per day on
email and start with the newest stuff. Playing catch-up just isn’t working
and is becoming detrimental to my health!

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