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It’s All Going On

8th March 2005 • Dave

Well on Sunday the box known as Mesh, which is my main machine for checking email, audio production etc died in the early hours. No idea what went wrong, however it just won’t boot now. Sunday was also Mother’s Day here in the UK, so I went to visit my mum. This was followed by dinner with my uncle Heaon. Returned home and spent several hours on the phone with one of our volunteers providing tech support. Didn’t get finished until after 3AM.

Slept in Monday and sadly missed my show. Doh. Interviewed Torsten ala Talks.

My Uncle came over this evening to help move my couch outside for the council to collect tomorrow, or is that today. New couch comes Wednesday, so I’ll be sat on the floor until then.

Lots to do and no time to blog it. It’s called real life. So those of you who read this regularly, I’m not ignoring you, just trying to get my sad little world in order.

It’ll be a few days before my next post. Got a lot to do for work and don’t feel much like blogging.

See ya.

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