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This Coming Weekend

4th May 2005 • Dave

It feels like an age since I was last out of Preston. Not that Preston is such a bad place, I actually rather like it here. But I do get itchy feet, even if this only means going away on the train for a day or two.
Tomorrow I am headed to Cardiff to stay with someone I vaguely knew from college. As tomorrow is the UK General Election, before I leave, I must remember to vote early and vote often.
Friday I’ll be meeting up with Gail and going to a concert of some description. Details are a little bit sketchy, think it involves a Beethoven piano concerto somewhere along the line. Following the concert I’ll be in New Port on Friday night staying with Gail and Tom.
I haven’t quite figured out Saturday. I have a couple of options. I may go to see Rob’s new pad in Woking Surrey. Failing that I may check in with Del who lives somewhere in the Welch Valleys. Although meeting Del usually involves stupendous amounts of alcohol resulting in 72 hour long hang-over. And I do have work on Sunday evening.
We shall see where the weekend takes us. Charging laptop and cell phone batteries as we speak.

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