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Victim of it’s Own Popularity?

11th May 2005 • Dave

What is? You may ask. Ho hum. At least 3 people have contacted me today who read this little opus, this little feeble attempt at a blog, this stream of consciousness which is basically a way for me to remember that life actually still goes on outside work.

Although the fact that I put this nonsense on the web, and the fact that some folks are now bored enough to read it presents me with an interesting dilemma. Should I continue being honest and unrestrained? Should I go back to just blogging news stories? Or now I know I have a small yet devoted readership do I pander to the whims of that readership in some vane hope that they will stay with this blog and continue to grow? And in the hope that I don’t hurt any of their feelings.

While I may launch the occasional diatribe, it is not my intention to offend. Just tell ya what I’m thinking, take it or leave it.

Right, it’s 3:07 and I’m getting far too exhausted and serious. Good night. Normal service will resume shortly.

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