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12th May 2005 • Dave

Ok 3rd time lucky. the last two times I tried to write this I managed to hit the back button on the laptop and lost it.

The Mesh box babbled a load of cack at me on Wednesday before diing never to reboot. I took it down to 1st Computers in Preston who are promising a dianosis by the weekend. so now I’m getting a ton of email which refers to the old email to which I don’t have access.

Had several rather incomprehensible conversations with: Rachel K on Skype, Rob and Martin on the phone, and myself in bed. This may be partly due to visiting both the Market and Stanley public houses earlier in the evening where I bellyached about the cost of beer, the injustice of Liverpool not being able to defend the European cup should we win it for a 5th time at the end of May, and sundry women troubles. don’t ask.

Well I better catch some zzzzs and yet again try to contact my employer to see if I can get a vacation any time soon.


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