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Another Cracking Weekend

16th May 2005 • Dave

Ding dong.

Well here we are again on one of Virgin’s finest replacement bus services from Crewe to Preston at the end of another full weekend.

On Friday I Travelled from Preston to Epsom via London. I was feeling pretty under the weather and came very close to cancelling. But it was Martin’s Girlfriend’s birthday and last October she had honoured me by coming to Preston for my birthday. So it was only right, no matter how shockingly rough I was feeling that I make the effort.

Friday evening the 3 of us went to an excellent French restaurant and ate steak, drank Californian wine and listened to British and American music and were served by a lady called Rebecca. And while the place wasn’t very French, it most certainly was very excellent. The service was fantastic as was the steak. Definitely up there in my top 5 steaks of all time.

Saturday Martin hosted a barbecue. The rain held off although the wind was a tiny bit on the chilly side. I met Tina and Paul who sells heart valves, Dan or went to the same college as Martin and I, Dan’s girlfriend who has recently given birth to Zakk their first child, Steve is the proud owner of the world’s greediest dog, some bloke called Patrick who seems pretty cheesed off with the world right now, and hmm did I forget anyone?

Following the barbecue, which incidentally was cooked by Dan and Paul, we all sloped off down to the Riser which is Martin’s local. A couple of pints of the award winning Surrey bitter later and it was time to head back to the flat for copious cans of John Smiths Smooth.

Amongst the birthday celebrations I was keeping in contact with some of the crowd from last weekend via SMS, and coordinating with Geoff and Rachel to support ACB Radio’s coverage of the Florida Council of the Blind’s state convention.

Today was definitely beer gardening weather, and I enjoyed a roast lamb and new potatoes Sunday lunch, while Martin and Dan had curry, before I caught the London train on my way back up to Preston. I had to be back for 9:30 as we were having a staff meeting. And it’s now stupid o’clock again and I’m pretty exhausted after the meeting so it’s time for me to sleep. Lots of work to do tomorrow. Or is that today.

There’s one or two people I can’t stop thinking about right now. But that’s a topic for another day. Get a grip Williams.


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