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Big and Tasty

17th May 2005 • Dave

I’m still not one hundred percent. I don’t know what it is, I haven’t felt
right since the middle of last week. I seriously hope that whatever it is
goes away pretty quickly as I’ve got a busy few months coming up. I could
do with a few less sessions like the one I had in the smallest room in the
flat earlier this morning. Yuck. TMI! I know.

Had some good news yesterday. Work have approved some time off in July
after the convention which means I can finally press ahead with my travel
plans. Watch this space.

Today I managed to drag myself out of bed after another late night in front
of the computer doing audio production. I spoke to Geoff in Australia, and
was gutted to hear the news about Kylie having breast cancer. I lost an
aunt to cancer around 15 years ago. Is it me or are cancer rates up? Or
are detection methods improving?

I had to go into town this afternoon to order a visa for Australia. Heh I
told you to watch this space! Basically my online travel agent need my
passport number in order to order the visa, and last time I checked my
passport wasn’t in Braille. Anyway, the lovely ladies at Thompson relieved
me of £25 and promised that my Australian visa would be created
electronically and I didn’t need any bits of paper or cards or anything.
Fingers crossed.

Visited the bank for about the 4th time to try and get a PIN for my
replacement debit card, as they seem incapable of sending it to me in an
accessible format. Even Egg can manage to let you view a PIN online. So
after months of haggling I came up with a compromise where the PIN will get
sent to the branch and I’ll go in and suffer the indignity of having them
read it to me. But can they send it straight to my local branch? Can they
bollocks! Apparently it has to go to the branch where I originally opened
the account a dozen years ago, and then be forwarded via snail mail to my
local branch. Welcome to the digital age.

I dropped by the Stanley to see who was in. Tom, George, Tony and Brian.
Apparently young Kev has tonsillitis. So no food there at the moment. In
spite of my dodgy guts I was feeling peckish so I dropped by MacDonald’s and
tried their new Big and Tasty. Hmm, not bad. Tasted a bit like a flame
grilled burger with plenty of cheese and relish and source etc. Hope it
doesn’t aggravate my already precarious digestive system.

First Direct Computers apparently wanted £55 to reinstall Windows on my Mesh
PC, so I opted to take it away in it’s still unbootable state. I’ll have to
give that one some thought. Although I do need the machine in order to
retrieve some projects which are half completed. So I’ll pull the drive out
later and plug in an IDE cable and pull off the work and hope that one of my
friends can be bribed in to assisting with a reinstall for less than that
£55 extortionate nonsense.

Just spoke to my sister and filled her in on my travel plans. I have a
stack of work to do so time for me to crack on.

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