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On the Rails, Only Just!

19th June 2005 • Dave

The last couple of days have been pretty busy, and things are likely to get even busier from here on in. My to-do list now stretches on to 3 pages and there is absolutely no way that everything on that list is going to get completed before I go away. So I’m starting to prioritise and hope that I get through pretty much most of the important stuff.

Martin got away pretty early on Thursday, which was good, as it meant I was up and about and could get stuck into some work. Thursday evening I had a lovely home cooked meal with a couple of friends which ended up turning into a very late one indeed. And it was pretty much Friday Morning before I got home. I signed in to MSN, and immediately got bombarded with messages. This was nice, although, difficult to reply to absolutely everyone. I attempted to make some in-roads into the email backlog before spending a little time recuperating.

This weekend was my last chance to get away before I go away proper on the World Wide Williams Wonderings which start at the end of the month. On Saturday afternoon I found myself on a boat out in the sunshine and fresh air in the middle of Cardiff Bay heading out to the Barrage which is a dam which creates an artificial harbour around which Cardiff is undergoing significant redevelopment. Around 7PM We grabbed a burger at an American-style diner before showing up at the Cardiff Glee Club for a night of comedy which kicked off about 9PM. A couple of audio posts will follow which should fill-in the rest of Saturday.

Today felt very hot and sticky, and included the four and half hour trek north back to Preston. Thankfully no replacement bus services this weekend from crew. Although the Cardiff to New Port service was cancelled only to be reinstated a few minutes later.

So don’t expect much from me on here over the next couple of days as I try to do all those things which one needs to do just before going away. While at the same time try to keep up with work, juggle my personal life, get my flat into something approximating tidy, etc etc. The good news is it looks like the podcasting during my trip will happen. I have borrowed an iRiver H140 and a decent stereo microphone. I eventually got it all configured to a point where the audio is passable. So you can be the judge when I upload the audio of JW and I at Cardiff bay.

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