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Chris Mccausland

19th August 2005 • Dave

Finally Chris has got his site going. HE was in my year at school. Hadn’t seen him in years until last year when I read he was trying a bit of stand-up comedy in and around London. I went to see him in Wimbledon and he was pretty good considering it must take balls of cast iron to stand up in front of an expectant sometimes hostile audience and to promis to make them laugh.

This month he’s giving the Edinburgh festival a shot with his one-man show “As Seen on TV”. Speaking of which, I did see him on TV just tonight in a show on BBC2 about the festival. Chris was only on for about 5 seconds, but to be casually channel hopping and for the lad who used to sit next to me at school to suddenly pop up on national telly was awesome.

Good on ya Chris and the best of luck.

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