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PlusNet referrals

27th April 2006 • Dave

Not content with spamming it’s customers, my Internet service provider, in
my humble opinion, are encouraging us to spam everyone else!

Also spot the contradiction below. Is this a change to the service
conditions or not?

> From: PlusNet Customer Support
> Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2006 6:01 PM
> To: Customers
> Subject: New features in ‘My Referrals’
> Dear David Williams,
> This is a notice from PlusNet to let you know that we’ve
> updated the My Referrals programme, with new features.
> The main updates to My Referrals are:
> – Send up to 5 recommendation emails instead of 1
> – More banners to use on personal or business websites
> – Webmail option to add a recommendation to outgoing emails
> – Widened service to allow non-subscription customers to
> benefit from new referrals
> To accompany these new features, the My Referrals terms and
> conditions have been updated.
> You can view the updated My Referrals pages at our website –
> We’re only emailing to let you know about the updates to the
> My Referrals programme. There are no changes the main Terms
> and Conditions for your PlusNet service.
> Kind regards,
> PlusNet Customer Support
> This email has been sent to you as it contains important
> information about your service and notice of changes to terms
> of conditions. Please do not reply to this email, as this is
> an unmonitored address.

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