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Pubs in Worcester

21st May 2006 • Dave

That’s what the good folks over at Beer in the Evening think. Here are a few findings of my own now I have lived in Worcester for nearly 8 weeks.

The Berwick Arms on Bath Road – Guinness is ok at £2.65 which seems to be about average for Worcester. Manager Todd is a good lad and enjoys a bit of banter. Girls behind the bar are helpful and talk to you like a human being. cigarette machine is the cheapest I have found at around £4.60 for 17 fags. Occasional live music, no Sunday lunches. I managed to piss off the landlord by saying I hoped Leeds would get beat in the playoffs. He evidently does not do banter. Shame, I had worked hard to like this pub in spite of it having no real beer and even fewer customers. Oh and Leeds got stuffed! So I am prob not going to spend any more in there at least until it changes hands or I get really desperate. Frustrating as it is a minute walk from my front door.

The Toby Carvery – Bath Road Broomhall – As well as having no real beer and average Guinness, is full of people paying over the odds for dried up food which has been left out all day. The staff seemed embarrassed and apologetic.

The Timberdine Bath Road – As far as soulless out of town family friendly eateries go, this Harvester is not too bad. Do not expect any real beer or log fires, but you should find a decent 16oz steak, friendly staff and even a Braille menu. Although the Braille menu is out of date and does not include any of the alcoholic drinks. Why would it? Blind people do not drink. Sorry that should be, blind people do not drink drive. I rest my case.

Horn & Trumpet, Angel Street – Essentially this is Wetherspoons plus. Not sure about the beer selection as I did not have time to check. Food was on the decent side of standard. If you go for a Jimmy remember where you were sat as this place is pretty big for a city centre pub.

The Dragon Inn, The Tything – I cannot say enough positive about this pub. no football, no lager, have to go outside to the toilet, a fabulously morose landlord, massive packets of pork scratchings, plenty of real beer and single malts, ah the list goes on. A breath of fresh air in Worcester. Slightly disappointed it appeared to be closed on a Sunday afternoon when I returned for my fourth visit. Guess they must have heard I was on my way.

Postal Order, Foregate Street – Sticky little Wetherspoons full of the sort of people who frequent whetherspoons the world over. Handy if you have time to kill while waiting for a train. But that’s the best I can do by way of a recommendation.

Ye Olde Talbot, Friar Street – In a good location near town. Service varies from average to excelent. Competitively priced Sunday lunch, meet a bit chewy. Usually guest beers are available, Guinness ok. Worth the second and third visit. Had a tremendous chicken and vegetable pie in there, although it was only backed up with frozen peas and over salty chips.

Oakapple, London Road – Good pint of Banks and a solid Sunday lunch, quality roast potatoes and good selection of starters. Service seemed spot on. Can get busy and a touch rowdy toward the back. Only been once and this pub is a bit out of the way so it may be a while before I can return for a second look.

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