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Two weekends in Epsom

11th June 2006 • Dave

As the title suggests I have spent the past two weekends in Epsom. Much of this time has been spend getting the Save Choice at the Riser campaign up and running.

Additionally I attended my first Epsom Derby on Saturday 3 June. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and following our first STR campaign meeting and a hearty breakfast, a decent sized group of us including: Martin and Clare, Steve and Jo, Donna, Andrew, Graham, Don, and many others who’s names escape me right now walked out to Epsom race course.

Being as the Epsom Derby is the highlight of the flat racing calendar, there is usually a pretty good turn out. and The sunshine helped swell the crowds beyond one hundred thousand. Race goers had two options, pay 35GBP and dress up to go into the grandstand, or go into the interior of the course with the bands and bars. Naturally we opted for the place with the best atmosphere and found a point down on the grass a few yards from the rails near the start of the home straight. Thanks to Clare’s dad, I had a few quid each way on the triumphant Sir Pursey. Although Horatio Nelson, the mount of Kieren Fallon, broke a front leg 400 metres from home and had to be put down, reminding me of the risks of racing these beautiful animals.

Kudos to Don and co for assisting half a dozen blinks through the throngs. You guys and girls are the best!

Saturday evening was barbecue weather, and our group manage to make short work of mountains of food and over 6 gallons of beer.

After a busy week at work back in Worcester, the purchase of a new PDA which I will blog about shortly, I found myself under increasing pressure to return to Epsom at the weekend.

Friday evening culminated with Martin and I cracking open a bottle of 1966 Highland Park, and at 3:30AM sitting in a field talking to a gaggle of Polish and French girls. Well there are worse ways to spend one’s weekend!

Saturday Morning meant another STR campaign meeting. And I have been overwhelmed by the progress this group have made of the past seven days. It has been an honour to make a contribution in getting this off the ground. The messages of support have been extraordinary. If you have not already, please hop over to the Save the Riser web site.

On Saturday afternoon I missed the kick off of England’s World Cup opener against Paraguay as I was juggling Sims and cellular networks the details of which I will not inflict on you just now. I heard the second half in it’s entirety strip to the waste sunbathing in the beer garden of the Rising Sun. I am glad to report everyone else was in the pub and it was nice to have an hour with BBC Radio Five Live, a pint of stout and some glorious sunshine.

Saturday evening meant another barbecue, followed by much needed sleep, and now a train or three back to Worcester. I got on the wrong bus after bad advice, two tubes and … well don’t ask. I am on the home stretch now.

Looking forward to a quiet one next weekend. The past month has been pretty frenetic.

All the best.

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