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Many of my friends are Americans

4th July 2006 • Dave

Political apathy and worries about the nation’s public and moral health at home, and increasing anti-American feeling abroad, are among many challenges which the US may want to face sooner rather than later.

It is not fashionable to be heard saying it in many parts, but for what it is worth, I like America and most of the Americans I have met. It is obviously the foreign policy of the Bush administration to which many foreigners and a growing number of frustrated Americans are opposed.

I have been welcome in the US on several occasions, and have made many good friends from the US. However true it may be, it is becoming a cliché to say.

“many of my friends are Americans”.

Seriously though, it is a challenge to think of a country who has in the past 50 years contributed more to the world in the way of international aid, medicine, technology and entertainment. But many seem to be asking does all this come at a price? And is this apparent generosity not without self-interest?

Who was it said, there is no such thing as altruism? Me probably after a few pints!

And many of those lambasting the US are probably happy to unwittingly buy and use a vast range of American designed products and services.

The cultural and knowledge empire of the United States extends far beyond her geographic borders. But like empires of old the end will come some day. Are we starting to see a gradual fall from grace for what was in the minds of many the most influential nation of the past century?

While millions of Americans are celebrating 230 years of independence today,. I cannot help wonder What will America be like on July 4 in the year 2236?

Happy Independence Day!

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