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Dave smiling in front of an arid landscape.

Practical accessibility advice and attention-grabbing audio to promote the potential of blind and partially sighted people.

What Can Dave do for you?

  • Training – develop assistive technology skills and blindness awareness to support independence at home, school and in the workplace.
  • Deliver entertaining presentations covering a wide range of subjects including: blind parenting, blind sport, blind travel, access to books and the value of Braille.
  • Test and report on the accessibility and usability of your products and services from a blindness perspective.
  • Produce audio packages for broadcast radio, podcasts and product training.
  • Record warm and powerful voiceover narration for your audio and video projects.
  • Plan marketing campaigns including: segmentation, identifying USPs, developing effective calls to action and understanding metrics.

Why Choose Dave?

  • Personal and professional experience. For 15 years Dave has been delivering projects for NGOs, technology manufacturers and broadcast media. Dave’s personal passion for accessibility comes from being a blind dad, blind cricket captain and braille reader.
  • Mobility. Nothing beats meeting face to face and Dave is happy to travel to you throughout the UK and overseas.
  • Braille. Dave was the first blind person to successfully complete the UEB Online training program created by the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children’s Renwick Centre.
  • Safeguarding. Dave has been DBS checked..

If your project is not suited to Dave’s skills, he will work with you to find an individual or organisation who can offer a suitable solution.

Contact Dave Williams for a free consultation.