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Would You Blog It?

17th April 2005 • Dave

I awoke fully clothed at 4AM, still with my shoes and jacket on. I was on my couch. Every light in the flat was switched on and there was a tap running in my kitchen and a message on my answer phone from an indian chap wanting to know why no one had answered my door to recieve a curry ordered several hours earlier.
Apparently I had spent the latter part of the afternoon and all of Saturday evening submerging my sorrows in oceans of beer after breaking up with my girlfriend. I had got home somehow, ordered food, and then fallen asleep.
I am not going to post about the reasons for the breakup here. Simply to say that it was great for a time, we both must celebrate the six months we spent together. She could fix it, but I know she will not. And that is why we have to both go our separate ways. Cliche alert! I sincerely hope we will be friends.

In other news, the wife of the former president of the American Council of the Blind sadly died over the weekend. My thoughts are with Paul and his family at this time.

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