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29th November 2006 • Dave

It’s half eleven on Wednesday evening and I just returned to Worcester from Belgium where I attended a Microsoft round table event with some other A.T. developers and some EU dignitaries.

When I got home I found a message on my voice mail from a bloke who works for Preston FM which is a small community radio station based near where I used to live. As someone who lived in Preston for 8 years and then went off to make an arse of himself in the A.T. industry, yours truely is apparently interesting enough to be invited for an interview this coming weekend on Preston FM!

Anyway, it’s nice to be asked, and being as I’m clearly a shrinking violet I called him bakc and I’ll be on FM in Preston this coming Saturday afternoon from 4PM. They’re on the net at Preston.FM and this is the link to Listen Life to Preston FM.

Stay tuned to this blog for the very latest news of all my future media appearances!

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What is the Net for?

9th November 2006 • Dave

Thanks to my good friend Del from the Valleys for forwarding this. It definitely made me giggle. Hope it does you too. A fast connection recommended!

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Lost Lost – DigitalSpy

1st November 2006 • Dave

Will be interesting to see if Sky audio describe series 3 of Lost following the campaign which reversed the Channel 4 decision earlier this year.

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