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Parenting books

26th November 2008 • Dave

What is it with the phrase "down to earth" in synopses for books on
parenting? The irony being that most things claming to be "down to earth"
usually are anything but.

Two parenting books featured in RNIB new book guide. Looks like they've been
transfered to DAISY from the old RNIB cassette library.

Purves, Libby: How not to be a perfect mother: the crafty mother's guide to
a quiet life. 1986. 6 hrs 28 mins. Order No: 401019. Full of down to earth
tips and hilarious anecdotes, this is the battle manual for the mother in
> the front line.

Stoppard, Miriam: Conception, pregnancy and birth. 2000. 18 hrs 33 mins.
Order No: 401087. Down to earth, clear information on everything from
fertility treatments to preparing older children for the new baby.

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