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BBC Programme Credit Sequence petition

22nd May 2007 • Dave

Possibly futile but worth registering one’s disgust!

Few broadcasters have done more than the BBC to set standards by which others are measured. However, this latest set of guidelines from auntie to homogenise TV credits sequences seems a tad over the top?

The credits, as well as providing important and appropriate attribution information about the people who made TV productions possible, are in many cases a natural pause allowing one to sit back, enjoy the show’s theme music reflect on the programme past. While I do not have sufficient eye sight to read the credits for my favourite TV shows, I can recollect countless examples from over the years where programme makers and writers have come up with original ways to express ideas around the end credits. Some of these have been hilarious, thought-provoking and even moving.

One of the most seminal moments in British sitcom history was the moving sequence at the end of Blackadder series IV, which if I have correctly understood the new requirements, would not be possible in the future?

Does all this bollocks apply to repeats too?

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RNIB digital tv questionnaire

15th May 2007 • Dave

If you have ever experienced difficulties seeing the menus on digital TV set top boxes in the UK then it may be worth your while helping the RNIB in their quest to gather more information and formulate policy on this issue.

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Pomposity, acquisitions, a birth, Mexican food and One Big Weekend

15th May 2007 • Dave

It’s all going on this week!

Spent twelve hours a the weekend getting the train to and from Ipswich to celebrate Martin’s girlfriend’s birthday. And subsequently cast as a pompous sod on the Roberts blog. Hey well I do live in the same city as the late Edward Elgar, composer of Pomp and Circumstance. Pomposity bring it on!

Blind bloggers all over the place are contemplating the news that at least two assistive technology companies in the blindness field appear to have been acquired by venture capitalists.

On Monday evening I was introduced to a Mexican restaurant in Worcester. Prob give it a 6 or 7 out of ten for a tasty Mexican Chile and Carrot Cake but let down slightly by pedestrian service and limited drinks selection.

My cousin gave birth to Freddy this afternoon, three days before moving house. Congratz to all concerned.

On Friday I am off to represent Dolphin at the Galloway Advice Day in Preston ahead of the Radio One Big Weekend! Unfortunately big Weekend tickets were thin on the ground but some of the unsigned bands playing the fringe sound like they will be interesting.

If I don’t stop blogging now something else is liable to happen this week and I’ll miss it.

See ya!

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Blind Iranians

8th May 2007 • Dave

I am not usually taken to recommending feel good programmes on disability. If you want to feel a good disabled then go out and find one! Many would welcome the attention! 🙂

However, this week’s BBC Radio 4 In Touch, which sounds like it may have been in the can for a little while waiting for Pete White to have a week off, really shatters any preconceptions which one may form while reading the blurb. These blind Iranians are really just getting the hell on with it. They are not blogging, complaining about the lack of accessible traffic signals or waiting for audio description, navel-gazing about tv documentaries on blindness, etc. That’s not to say I shouldn’t, there’s room on this world wide webbie thing for all of us. These guys are simply figuring out what is important and the last thing they want to be thought of is as some hard luck charity cases.

In my best Points of View voice then.

“Well done BBC!”

This episode of In touch will be available through the Beeb’s listen again until 15 May. and let tis be a lesson to ya! 🙂

Guess it’s back to whinging about the lack of guidedog hotels and the like next week.

Poodle tip…

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Feed roundup

5th May 2007 • Dave

I have spent a peaceful Saturday being informed and entertained by catching up with my various RSS subscriptions through
Blog Lines. I’m signed up to around 70 feeds now and it can take a while to catch up if they are left for a few days.

I have been doing a bit of armchair tourism via my sister’s x-boss’s blog Alison’s travel blog and links to city audio guides.

Digital Spy are reporting that the BBC pulls out of ‘Neighbours’ negotiations? while a petition to keep neighbours on the BBC has attracted over 10,000 signatures.

Speaking of the BBC – > Scissor Sisters and Kaiser Chiefs headline Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2007 in Preston! While Weekend Spy has an interesting piece on BBC radio You’re listening to… the BBC.

This evening I visited the Little Sauce Factory in Worcester and was a tad disappointed at there very limited selection of beers. So I was thrilled to read Martin’s round up of mild beers in his Go mild in May post.

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Who the hell is Scott Shields?

2nd May 2007 • Dave

Four years ago this month, my good friend Robert young and I made good on a 5 year old promise to visit the Big Apple and have a bloody good time! While we were in New York we kept a sort of travel log which detailed our Manhattan adventures. We had ambitious plans for a web site with pictures and audio and all manner of things to inform and entertain anyone planning a similar trip. Anyway, we were far too busy to be mucking around with all of that. So we got as far as writing the text in Word and that is pretty much where it stopped. Eh hem, well I say we, the lion’s share of the actual pressing of keys on the computer part was down to Rob’s insane industriousness – writing somewhere in the region of 15,000 words in not much more than 24 hours! After reading Rob’s tome, yours truly proposed a catalogue of revisions to protect the innocent and enhance the readability of the story. Rather than preparing a 6-foot trench and a wooden box for me to lie in, Rob accepted and implemented most of my suggestions. Thank you.

Nearly two years later following a couple of aborted attempts I began blogging on a semi-regular basis. Well ok less than that, maybe a couple of posts a month if I feel like it. You get the picture. Anyway, being short on content and creativity I decided to post the New York story as it really was not seeing the light of day which had been our original intention. Ok I could not be doing with all the original razzmatazz but at leas the content would be online for search engines to spider and who knows it may turn out to be a source of amusement for some hapless netizen found wondering around in the less fashionable parts of cyberspace. The account of our trip to the US can still be found archived here as entries for May 2003.

Anyway, on to the point of this post. I am getting there. During our trip to New York Rob and I visited Carolyns, a well known Times Square comedy venue to see an American comedian, Darryl Highly. As part of our record of proceedings, the travel log had the following to say.

“Once inside we bought tickets and propped up the bar, meeting yet more friendly New Yorkers, one of whom had a picture of a dog on his jacket, and baseball cap with his name printed on it: Captain Scott Shields. He informed us that a comedian had ridiculed this picture until he pointed out that it had been a rescue dog and was now dead of cancer. He informed us he’d never seen the wind so completely taken out of a comedian’s sails.”

We had absolutely no clue as to the veracity or otherwise of the Scott Shields dog story and quite honestly at the time we did not really care. The anecdote was apparently notable enough for one or other of us to remember and write it down.

Anyway, all may not be as it seems with Captain Scott Shields and his deceased rescue dog. I had almost completely forgotten the encounter when earlier this evening I received the following email. In fact it was only by chance I spotted this in my Spam folder as the address the emailed used is not one I check very often. I have removed the senders name and email address in case he wishes to remain anonymous.

—start of message—
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2007 9:27 PM
To: Dave Williams
Subject: old blog


the guy really is a fraud
—end of message—

A couple of seconds Googling found:

Are Captain Scott Shields and his deceased rescue dog patrons of the Official Bear Search and Rescue Foundation who are subject to spurious allegations regarding the authenticity of their story? Alternatively, is Captain Scott Shields “Trading in on tragedy for fame”, Succumbing to the Lure of Truthiness” to whom I am providing the Oxygen of publicity by blogging about this story? Less likely, am I the target of some elaborate hoax who’s purpose I can only guess at? Is the tangled web of conspiracy theorising reaching previously undetected levels and if I am not careful my curiosity is in danger of spiralling out of control into full blown paranoia?

You decide! As with the Channel 4 documentary Blind Young Things shown a couple of nights ago, I really have not arrived at any firm conclusions yet. As soon as I have an opinion about either, dear reader you will be the first to know.

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