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Preston Perfect

31st July 2005 • Dave

Following a couple of days in Epsom is was finally time to get back to Preston this evening. London was predictably sticky and crouded and dragging all my baggage from the last month across the city on the tube was no fun at all.

Owing to getting delayed at Waterloo I eventually made the 7:25 to Preston. A couple of cups of tea, 3 hours, and several chapters of the latest Harry Potter book later I rolled into Preston station at something to eleven.

I’m now back in my flat contemplating washing and work on monday, and living on beans and toast for the next few months while I pay off the credit cards. Egg just put their APR up to 15.9%, how jolly nice of them. Buggers!

The taxi driver wasn’t even slightly interested in hear any of the details of my trip. The reality is no one really gives a frigging monkeys. And why should they? They didn’t go. They didn’t meet all the wonderful people and share in the many awesome experiences I have had over the last 5 weeks. But you dear reader have. And for your indulgence, I sincerely thank you.

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flying back to london

25th July 2005 • Dave

I an now seated on singapore airlines flight 322 which crosses the asian sub continent and europe before getting into the uk early on tuesday.

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eating and Shopping

24th July 2005 • Dave

Eating and shopping, or shopping and eating are pretty much musts in Singapore. And this is pretty much how I spent my time on Sunday.

I woke refreshed around 9. Edwin, Edwin’s sister, Wai Yee, Richard and I went out to Toa Payoh for a Tim Sam breakfast which included porridge, dumplins, pork, banana, bacon and other random foods which were slightly confusing to my admitedly westernised tastes. But over all I did enjoy it.

It was then on to Sing Lim Square for a spot of shopping. I bout CDR media and a USB thumb drive for pretty competitive prices.

We grabbed a coffee at Berger King (blush) and then wondered through the “Kuan Yin birthday celebration” crouds before catching the Rapid Transit System (train) out of town. Before heading home for a quick shower we visited “Mr Bean” which is an amazing little shop which sells some of the best little pancakes I have ever tasted.

This evening we met with more friends of friends and had dinner at the YMCA of all places. . This is the first time I have been into a YMCA anywhere in the world. I am sorry to say I couldn’t resist the urge to mouth the classic Village People hit under my breath. lol

We rounded the day off at the famous long bar at Raffles where I was treated to a Singapore Sling. (Audio to follow).

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Five Star Chicken

24th July 2005 • Dave

Yesterday evening, Richard, Edwin, Wai Yee and Jaffar and I went out for food and a couple of beers. We ate at a place called Five Star Chicken Rice. Asians have a much more communal way of eating with everyone sharing the food which is placed in the middle of the table.

Before coming to Singapore I was under the impression that there weren’t many places where one can smoke. Richard and Jaffar both smoke and it didn’t seem to be a problem smoking outside the Five Star Chicken or at the Georgia’s Bar where I made short work of a couple of Tiger beers.

There’s a funny story about my been desparat for the toilet on the way back, but we’re off out to breakfast and don’t have time to tell it.

All the best from a very hot and stickie Singapore.

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