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Blogging from the Train

7th May 2005 • Dave

I wrote this on thursday but couldn’t get it to post.

It would appear I am on my way to Cardiff via Bristol. The 12:28 service from Preston is running 12 mins late, but with any luck we’ll make up that time before we get to Bristol.

This morning was pretty frantic, catching up with email and doing some washing, but I did manage to find time to vote in the UK General Election. It was all pretty painless. My nearest polling station is about 5 mins walk from the flat and as always the staff were very helpful. And while I was able to cast my vote in private with the aid of a tactile template, blind people still can not verify their vote, and I had no way of knowing if the pen was actually working. So I made sure to press pretty hard so there was little room for doubt.
There seemed to be quite a few people around outside the polling station, mostly older people, and apparently the turn out has been pretty good thus far. This may be due in part to the rain holding off. It’s a real shame that something so fickle as the weather can impact turn out.

Well I’m off to get stuck into my bacon sandwich and coffee and catch up on a couple of podcasts.
If I can find the courage to avoid feeling foolish, I’ll try recording some audio before I get to Cardiff.

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