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Orange postpones Wildfire closure | The Register

19th May 2005 • Dave

Well she’ll go eventurally I guess. So in memory of Wildfire here for your listening pleasure is the “Mad Cow” Easter Egg. You need to be very bored to find this, but I’m proud to say I did. :blushes

1. Call Wildfire from your Orange phone on 123 before Orange pull the plug.

2. Say “do me a favour”, Wildfire should respond with “what kind of favour” in a pretty suggestive voice.

3. Say “what does a cow say”, nine times out of ten you will here a cow mooing. But every tenth time you’ll here Wildfire say “That’s getting boring, here’s what a mad cow says”. If what follows doesn’t even make you smile just a tiny bit then I’m sorry I can’t help you.

Here’s what a Mad Cow says!

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