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Around the World!

31st May 2005 • Dave

It’s been a while. But then it usually is. Ok, it’s all going on. Where
to start?

For anyone who hasn’t heard I’m going around the world. That’s right all
the way around. I David G Williams, all being well before this July is out
will have completely circumnavigated the globe! Exciting isn’t it? The
fact that I’m only stopping at a small number of English speaking countries
along the way is neither here nor there. I didn’t say I was travelling the
world did I? I didn’t say I was about to embark on a world tour or anything
quite so pretentious. But I am going all the way around, mostly in a big
metal thing with wings and airhostesses. But it’s still very exciting. At
least it is to me anyway. I spent an obscene amount of money with a company
I’d not heard of 3 months ago, and really I have no clue what I’m doing,
where I’m likely to end up, or whether I’ll even be able to afford a bag of
chips by the end of it. But I will try to blog as much as possible, some
text, some pictures and all being well some audio.

So watch this space. And if you want to read about a real traveller then

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