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In the Club House!

29th June 2005 • Dave

And it’s very nice thank you very much. What lovely people my airline are.

The train I was on sat at the platform with the doors refusing to open and the lights blinking off and on.

Oh pants just realised I may have left part of my Thinkpad charger at Martin’s. agrgrgrgrgr. I wonder if I can get him to ship it to me.

anyway, where was I, they eventually fixed the train, I checked in and found myself in posession of an invitation to the club house where I have just had my shoes polished and enjoyed a full English breakfast and am trying to make the most of the £5 per hour wireless internet access.

Anyway, will have to conserve power until I can figure out where I’m going to get a replacement Thinkpad power cable. Agrgrgr.

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