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14th July 2005 • Dave

Arrived early Tue and met Mel and Jon at the
airport. After a pancake breakfast we took a brisk walk along the beach at
mission bay. New Zealand is pretty cold at this time of year and on Tue
the high was about 12 degrees c. I checked into the New President hotel on
Victoria street, and wandered over to the Sky tower, the tallest building
in the Southern hemisphere. 200 nz dollars and half an hour later I was
195m above the city street preparing to jump. I don’t know what it is
about nz and extreme sports but they seen to be pretty abundant here, and
with no shortage of tourists seeking their next thrill, experiences like
the Sky Tower jump are available 365 days per year. I wil post the vid as
soon as my laptop starts working again.

afternoon we visited a very windy One Tree Hill before grabbing some
icecream. Yeah I know it’s winter here, but this was good icecream.

class=”mobile-post”>Wed, Mel and Jon took me on a mini wine tasting tour
north of Aucklamd, and later we visited a tremendous thai place for
dinner. We rounded the night off by dropping some money off at the Sky
City casino.

I’m now at Auckland airport about
to catch flight 139 to Brisbane Australia.

cool weather of the last few days was a nice contrast from Vegas, and one
never really feels cold in nz as the warmth of the Kiwis is second to
none. A very special thanks to Mel and Jon who have been my guides during
my stay in Auckland, cheers to you both. I’m sad to be leaving so soon,
but am excited to be going to australia. And with any luck I’ll return one

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