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eating and Shopping

24th July 2005 • Dave

Eating and shopping, or shopping and eating are pretty much musts in Singapore. And this is pretty much how I spent my time on Sunday.

I woke refreshed around 9. Edwin, Edwin’s sister, Wai Yee, Richard and I went out to Toa Payoh for a Tim Sam breakfast which included porridge, dumplins, pork, banana, bacon and other random foods which were slightly confusing to my admitedly westernised tastes. But over all I did enjoy it.

It was then on to Sing Lim Square for a spot of shopping. I bout CDR media and a USB thumb drive for pretty competitive prices.

We grabbed a coffee at Berger King (blush) and then wondered through the “Kuan Yin birthday celebration” crouds before catching the Rapid Transit System (train) out of town. Before heading home for a quick shower we visited “Mr Bean” which is an amazing little shop which sells some of the best little pancakes I have ever tasted.

This evening we met with more friends of friends and had dinner at the YMCA of all places. . This is the first time I have been into a YMCA anywhere in the world. I am sorry to say I couldn’t resist the urge to mouth the classic Village People hit under my breath. lol

We rounded the day off at the famous long bar at Raffles where I was treated to a Singapore Sling. (Audio to follow).

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