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Five Star Chicken

24th July 2005 • Dave

Yesterday evening, Richard, Edwin, Wai Yee and Jaffar and I went out for food and a couple of beers. We ate at a place called Five Star Chicken Rice. Asians have a much more communal way of eating with everyone sharing the food which is placed in the middle of the table.

Before coming to Singapore I was under the impression that there weren’t many places where one can smoke. Richard and Jaffar both smoke and it didn’t seem to be a problem smoking outside the Five Star Chicken or at the Georgia’s Bar where I made short work of a couple of Tiger beers.

There’s a funny story about my been desparat for the toilet on the way back, but we’re off out to breakfast and don’t have time to tell it.

All the best from a very hot and stickie Singapore.

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