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Preston Perfect

31st July 2005 • Dave

Following a couple of days in Epsom is was finally time to get back to Preston this evening. London was predictably sticky and crouded and dragging all my baggage from the last month across the city on the tube was no fun at all.

Owing to getting delayed at Waterloo I eventually made the 7:25 to Preston. A couple of cups of tea, 3 hours, and several chapters of the latest Harry Potter book later I rolled into Preston station at something to eleven.

I’m now back in my flat contemplating washing and work on monday, and living on beans and toast for the next few months while I pay off the credit cards. Egg just put their APR up to 15.9%, how jolly nice of them. Buggers!

The taxi driver wasn’t even slightly interested in hear any of the details of my trip. The reality is no one really gives a frigging monkeys. And why should they? They didn’t go. They didn’t meet all the wonderful people and share in the many awesome experiences I have had over the last 5 weeks. But you dear reader have. And for your indulgence, I sincerely thank you.

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