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Farewell to the People of Preston

26th March 2006 • Dave

This next week will be a pretty momentous one for me. After eight years I will be leaving Preston to move to Worcester. I simply want to publicly extend my heartfelt gratitude to the people who have been my Preston family these last few years. You know who you are. Thank you.

For my final weekend, my good friend Martin Roberts and I were sure to support the local leisure industry in Preston by getting to a dozen or so pubs and at least one curry house. Martin may regale you with the gorier details over on his blog at but I am too knackered and busy moving home and job to take time out to do that in much detail here.

Martin arrived on Thursday and wasted no time getting the weekend’s festivities underway. We attended a local landlord’s fiftieth birthday party at the Plungington Hotel. I think it’s true to say a good night was had by all.

Friday evening was the night of the crawl which went something like: the Grey Friar, The Fox & Grapes, Vic & Station, the Exchange, Old Black Bull, New Britannia Inn, Dog & Partridge and Roper Hall.

After enjoying ome cooked Chilli on Saturday we managed to add three more to our list: University Tavern, Moorbrook Inn and last but by no means least the Stanley Arms.

I can think of another half a dozen old favourites, but time an finance are now against us, not to mention the danger of serosis of the liver. I last saw Martin staggering in an Epsomwardly direction. We had a tremendous weekend and were able to catch up with many of the good folk of this fine city.

A huge thanks to everyone who helped make my final weekend in Preston a memorable one. They can take the man out of Preston but never Preston out of the man. I am sure Preston will be glad of the break.

Worcester, bring it on!

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