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top Ten 3G Phones – Belfast Telegraph

22nd April 2006 • Dave

I may be in the market for a smart phone upgrade soon so it was worth glancing over this list. No real surprises here, and good to see the N91 and several other smart phones getting a mention.

The N80 is getting increasingly appealing. The one real big draw back of the N91 is the lack of a media card slot, and the N80 has one. Although my 6630 has an RS MMC slot which to be honest still contains the RS-MMC which came with the phone. With all the other ways to move data in and out of the N91, is a card slot really that important any more?

I dislike those tiny MMC and SD cards, very easy to loose. On the other hand the N91’s 4GB micro drive sounds quite limiting at a time when I am designing a home server which will have around 1TB of storage (250 times as much). but honestly how many people get through 4GB of compressed audio while away from home anyway? And if I’m going to be on the road for any extended periods I take my Thinkpad and 250GB USB HD with me, plus I can access my home storage via the net, so I am not exactly data starved.

S60 Third Edition is the platform on which the N80 and N91 run, so these musings are all academic as no one has yet released any software to make S60 Third Edition talk. It is worth keeping an eye on the Windows Mobile 5 SmartPhone Edition and the various promises of a screen reader on that platform. I have been happily using the S60 platform for 2 or 3 years, but if Windows Mobile 5 SmartPhone Edition is made to talk, probably by the good people at Dolphin or Code Factory, then yours truely will be very interested indeed.

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