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Bank holiday weekend

28th April 2006 • Dave

I have now lived in Worcester just over 4 weeks, and for the most part things are going rather well.  My flat is great if a little on the expensive side, I am enjoying the variety of challenges and opportunities available to me at work, and I have pretty much settled into my new routine.

However, this bank holiday weekend will be a break from that routine as I head north on the train to Preston to visit friends and family.  It will be great to catch up with all the news from the Preston front.  Unfortunately the trip from Worcester to Preston by rail at the time I wanted to travel involves 3 trains and the best part of 4 hours.  However, I am all stocked up with digital talking books, and a few music CDs thrown in my general direction by one of the girls from work.  Not sure what she’s given me, but I’ll run them via FreeDB and/or CDDB when the mobile phone coverage gets a bit better and I can get online with the laptop.  The first one sounded all a bit weird, although good weird.

Having got up at 6:30 this morning and done another full day in the office, I was feeling pretty exhausted when I got on the train at Worcester, but I reckon by the time I get off at Preston I will get my second wind.  Hope to head out for a couple of jars tonight, visiting a couple of family members tomorrow, and I expect I’ll get pretty slaughtered on Saturday night.  Sunday, I intend grabbing a decent Sunday lunch somewhere and maybe I will pop over to Leeds to meet up with more friends.  I am pretty flexable at this stage, the possibilities are numerous.  Monday is a bank holiday and at some stage I will head back to Worcester ready for work bright and early on Tuesday.

It’s great to have an entire bank holiday weekend to myself without having to think about work or anything related to relocation or establishing myself in a new city.  Although as I indicated previously operation Worcester is bang on track.  April has been the most productive month I have had in a long time, bring on May!

Pip pip.

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