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Calories in Alcoholic drinks

7th May 2006 • Dave has all sorts of information about how many Calories are in a wide range of products. As a friend of mine has recently gone on a health kick, and someone said to me tonight that there are a lot of Calories in my prefered tipple, Guinness, I thought I would look up some numbers.

A pint of draft Guinness contains 210 Calories. So how does this compare with other popular drinks. There are 256 in Stella Artois, 355 in most Premium Lagers, and 392 Calories in Carlsberg Special Brew! Just as well I rarely drink lager.

I like a pint of Draught Mild which has 136 Calories but like a good curry mild is not easy to find in Worcester. Mild is just ahead of red wine on 119 and dry white wine on 116. I always thought red wine had less Calories than white wine, but if like me you also enjoy a dry white then you would be undercutting the red by 3 Calories, per 175ml glass.

These days a lot of the girls drink things like WKD Blue which stands at 228 Calories per bottle, 18 Calories more than Guinness.

A friend of mine recently declared he was giving up beer in favour of scotch in order to loose weight. while it is true that a single Whisky & Soda only has 56 Calories about a quarter of those found in Guinness and around a third of those found in a pint of bitter. However, one can take 30 to 45 minutes over a good pint of Guinness or bitter, a single Whisky & Soda would probably be gone in a quarter of the time and cost half as much. So over a 45 minute period, most people drinking Whisky & Soda would have spent twice as much money and consumed an equivalent number of Calories anyway.

False economics me thinks. I’m sticking to the black stuff even though on Friday I was charged the princely sum of £2.90 per pint!

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