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Bank Holidays are a bit like buses

27th May 2006 • Dave

Bank Holidays are a bit like buses in that you wait ages for one and then three arrive at once. Not the most original thought in the world I know. Although this year it seems as though every other weekend from mid April to the end of May has been a bank holiday. This is because we had a late Easter.

Having worked most of my lunch hour I was able to get away from work early on Friday and jump on the train heading for another fun packed weekend in the north of England.

All the details are not locked in yet. I intend getting to Preston to do a bit of pubbing, stay with friends and have a word with my piano. I plan to drop by Blackburn briefly to visit family, oopse not sure if I told my mother I am on my way. I am intending to go to Leeds to collect on a bet about the outcome of the FA Cup final. If I have enough energy left then I would like to visit Manchester on Monday to have lunch with my sister.

May has been a pretty productive month at work. I am closing a greater number of support enquiries compared with April. I am also getting involved with other aspects of the business, and it is very exciting to see the evolution of Dolphin’s Windows Mobile products. I have also done some work with marketing, sales and the product design teams. Some of the projects I initiated during my first couple of weeks at Dolphin will be coming to fruition in the foreseeable future, and this is hugely gratifying. Moreover it is a massive privilege to be able to make a modest contribution to one of the world’s leading developers of screen reading software.

The break this weekend is most welcome though. It will be tremendous to touch base with the good people of Preston, as well as crisscross the north of England in order to call on various family and friends.

As an aside, anyone know of anywhere I can catch The Da Vinci Code audio described?

Pip pip.

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