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Blogging from the Back of a Black Cab

24th June 2006 • Dave

Having battled the throngs at Worcester and Bermingham on Firday. I eventually made it to Stockport around 8:30PM. My sister and partner seemed in pretty good spirits as did their dogs.

We spent a quiet evening enjoying home cooking as well as laughing at Big Brother. All of which did wonders for my well-being. The last couple of days I have been suffering from some kind of stomach bug which on Friday had been acompanied by a throbbing headache. I am not a fan of pain killers, and try to avoid them at most costs. But this virus or whatever it was had really been getting the better of me, so I caved in and bought pain killers and water at Birmingham. At £3.15 Boots really did take advantage!

Saturday my sister and I jumpt on a direct train to Preston where she went to get her hair done. I met up with a friend who it appeared had over-indulged on Friday evening. At lunchtime we headed to Blackburn to eat with relatives and to set up my mother new TV which we had purchased as a birthday gift.

Just on the way back to Preston to meet with more friends and curry.

Tomorrow is the second round game for England in the World Cup, and following that I plan to head back to Worcester.

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