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From the Hyatt to home

16th July 2006 • Dave

Following the close of exhibits on Thursday, I had time to catch up with colleagues and friends, plus observe some of the ACB convention proceedings.

Thursday evening included an interesting meal with some colleagues from the US. It was pleasant to be out of the hotel for a while, and the riverside walk west from the hotel was extremely relaxing.

Friday I spent some time observing some of the ACB business general sessions. While contracted to the council I intentionally let my membership laps for personal reasons, although I intend resuming this soon. Heh if they keep having protracted debates about the use of “chair” verses “chair person” I may choose not to rejoin. Surely there are more pressing issues to be considered?

I bid Gareth from Dolphin USA a farewell around lunch time on Friday. He has a tremendous intolerance of pretension, and as well as sharing my fondness for incongruity, he seems to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of British TV from the last 30 years.

On Friday evening I had the privilege of being invited to sit at the head table during the ACB banquet. This is an invitation I have declined in previous years, but curiosity got the better of me. It turned out there was an ulterior motive behind my invitation and I was asked to introduce some of the banquet entertainment which I was glad to do.

The banquet was followed by several drinks with several groups of friends and the partying went on until dawn.

Saturday morning consisted of a hearty breakfast, packing, a dip in the rooftop pool followed by lunch with Marlaina and Gary from Seattle who I know from my ACB Radio days.

The journey back to Worcester has not been without it’s issues. Some of the assistance has been truly abysmal. Who trained ground staff that the way to treat a blind person is to grab the upper arm with both hands in a vice-like grip and drag in completely the opposite direction to the one in which the blind person needs to go? Usually I am pretty tolerant of this kind of treatment, as the only way to change this is through education rather than condemnation. Although after a 12 hour overnight journey which included minimal sleep and US Air seemingly loosing my suitcase, it’s tough to remain relaxed.

I am now on the train from London to Worcester, without suitcase, US Air are getting back to me, hope to be home and veging out with a book or some TV in about 90 mins. Tomorrow back to the office, and Tuesday it is off to the Sight Village exhibition in Birmingham.

It would appear that T and T Consultancy have a Sight Village Blog for those people interested in such things.

Finally, sincere thanks to all my friends in the US who made me feel most welcome. I will be back very soon, although I may need to buy a knew suitcase first!

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