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After September comes Rock Tober

7th October 2006 • Dave

October is already shaping up to be a pretty busy month. I returned from my mammoth trip around the United States last week, and finally made it back to Worcester on Sunday. We have new projects to keep me busy at work, and I am away next weekend doing the Preston thing. Toward the end of the month I will be taking some holiday, and I fly to Vienna Austria on the 23rd to spend some time with my father. Somewhere amongst all of that, I guess I should celebrate my 30th birthday.

It feels like a long time since I spent any time in my flat. With lots of washing and reading to catch up on, this weekend I intend spending some time home alone for a change.

I was browsing this weekend’s TV listings and came across Escape from Alcatraz on BBC One on Saturday evening. I have obviously seen this Clint Eastwood classic several times. Although now that I have actually visited the rock in person, I will be interested to see if the 1979 thriller is any more powerful.

On balance it is good to be back to the land of rain and flat beer and Michael Parkinson. Well at least for a week or two!

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