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A little something to help you sleep?

5th January 2007 • Dave

Apart from staying up to listen to England getting a comprehensive thrashing by the Ausies on Test Match Special over the past few weeks. My usually unstable sleep patterns are now pretty settled. When I was working at home for 3 years my sleep was all over the place. So I think the regular hours are suiting me nicely.

Disturbed sleeping patterns affect a lot of blind people. There has been significant research conducted in that area. Doesn’t it have something to do with not getting enough daylight and unusually low levels of melatonin. Quite a few blind people I know take Melatonin supplements to help regulate their sleep patterns and the people who use Melatonin can’t rate it highly enough.

I have a history of dodgy sleep patterns, but if I can possibly help it I prefer not to take anything to help me sleep. In fact I have to be pretty ill before I will start hitting the medication. I have had a drop of winter flu, but I think I’m in the process of kicking that into touch. And all things considered I am in pretty rude health thank you for asking.

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