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Curry comments

5th January 2007 • Dave

That’s the spicy stuff with Indian subcontinent influences, not the VJ and Podcaster Adam.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I ticked off another Worcester curry house. Ashley’s on the Tything is in my opinion just the tiniest bit soulless. It was all hard floors and European ambient music. I have nothing against a curry house trying to be modern. It doesn’t have to be flop wall paper, thick table cloths and carpets to have character. Staff with a bit more personality wouldn’t go a miss, and even if the music is modern, what’s wrong with a touch of bhangra?

I can think of 3 excellent modern curry houses I’ve been to: Shere Khan Manchester, Akbar Leeds and Shimla Pinks in Birmingham who all deliver the authentic modern curry house experience.

Ashley’s seems to fall between two stools, it seems like a curry house trying to be modern, but I was left wondering what it had been like before the refurb.

Anyway, a solid enough 6 out of 10 for me for not screwing anything up, oh and the excellent soft fluffy narn bread. But I don’t want to be organised enough for B.Y.O. I wonder how well Ashley’s would be doing were it not for Threshers with their healthy supply of Indian lager just across the street? And charging for poppadoms? What’s that all about? Last time that happened to me I was in Australia of all places.

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