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Is that your final answer?

5th January 2007 • Dave

I appear to have satisfied my thirst for trivia, and become a regular at a weekly pub quiz hear in Worcester. These are not particularly competitive events, more about socialising and drinking as much as answering actual questions. I used to enjoy a good pub quiz up in Preston and I am glad to have found one in Worcester. In early December dolphin were joined by some of our colleagues from the US and Sweden. It would have been rude not to drag them along to a the great British pub quiz which is something of an institution! We were slightly mortified with our final score of 21 out of 40 until we learned that the winning score was 23 out of 40. I guess the questions were pretty tough that night.

But then just yesterday evening, our much depleted team managed the same score 21 out of 40. So did we really need the extra team members? Or was last night’s winning team with a victorious 32 out of 40 especially switched on? There is really no science to it at all. And it just serves to highlight how farcical quizzes and tests really are at measuring anything. That’s not to even mention the social and cultural bias of the examiner.

Anyway, more importantly we had a decent enough evening.

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