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Braille petition on Prime Minister web site

1st March 2007 • Dave

I am not entirely clear what the author (E Higgins ) expects the PM to do about this petition? I am also curious about the 27 August deadline? I suspect our Tone is more likely to be concerned about road pricing schemes, the war in Iraq and is impending retirement than whether or not a couple of thousand blind people think a couple thousand more should learn to read Braille.

The office of the Prime Minister may take us more seriously if the author had first bothered to use a spiel chucker on the “More details from petition creator” section. Maybe the spelling mistakes were intended to make their own not so subtle point about the state of literacy amongst us blinks?

Anyway, my pedantry to one side, the decline of Braille is a very serious issue and if this petition does anything at all to slow down that trend then it really must be signed. If you do nothing else before you go to bed tonight, do the decent thing.


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