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Blind Me – BBC Ouch

19th April 2007 • Dave

Not sure why the permalink did not work when I tried it, you may have more joy. anyway, As always Crippled Monkey’s comments made me smile:
“”Monkey would like to add: You don’t know if there’s any dog poo on the pavement in
front of you. You don’t know if there is any street furniture that might further
disable you. You don’t know that people are staring at your every move and nudging
their mates as you walk. And you don’t know that HMV has a half price sale this week
god damn it … nor (sob) that you’ll ever get a job … or a partner … or get
taken seriously … EVER. I hate this world and everyone in it!!
Um, we loved Tinker Tailor’s deep thoughts on this. Send us any blog entries you’ve
enjoyed and we, the Ouch team, will laugh privately at them and/or post them for
everyone to see. God we love you guys.”

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