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Blind Iranians

8th May 2007 • Dave

I am not usually taken to recommending feel good programmes on disability. If you want to feel a good disabled then go out and find one! Many would welcome the attention! 🙂

However, this week’s BBC Radio 4 In Touch, which sounds like it may have been in the can for a little while waiting for Pete White to have a week off, really shatters any preconceptions which one may form while reading the blurb. These blind Iranians are really just getting the hell on with it. They are not blogging, complaining about the lack of accessible traffic signals or waiting for audio description, navel-gazing about tv documentaries on blindness, etc. That’s not to say I shouldn’t, there’s room on this world wide webbie thing for all of us. These guys are simply figuring out what is important and the last thing they want to be thought of is as some hard luck charity cases.

In my best Points of View voice then.

“Well done BBC!”

This episode of In touch will be available through the Beeb’s listen again until 15 May. and let tis be a lesson to ya! 🙂

Guess it’s back to whinging about the lack of guidedog hotels and the like next week.

Poodle tip…

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