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Name dropping

21st August 2007 • Dave

The 2007 Edinburgh festivals are almost over. :sniff.

Entertaining house guests, (wait all year for one and then 4 come along at once) plus pending trip to Islay, oh and not forgetting the monster mortgage are all milking my various lines of credit to the max! Consequently I cannot realistically run to a quick trip up to Edinburgh this August.

What could be described as the disability media is doing its level best to make everyone feel like we are there though. You can be the judge as to whether r not they are doing a good job? Those of us who have been know there is no substitute for bingeing at the Fringe. Bar, stand-up comedy, bar, stand-up comedy, bar, play, bar, comedy, bar, sleep was all in a typical day when I went in 2005. I can’t imagine what the attraction is for the Ouch and In touch teams? Anyway to the name dropping.

On-demand until 28 August In Touch features Chris McCausland – stand-up comedian with whom I went to school and college, and Sally Clay who I may have fancied the arse off once upon a time. That was before she went off to posh music college and started using all that fowl language! Anyway, they are both talented in very different ways. What with busy schedules all round they sadly do not see anywhere near enough of yours truly!

Ah well, life’s a shithouse! Maybe I will save my beans and try doing Edinburgh next year.

Anyway, gotta run as my fingers are recking after
guitar lesson number 2. I’ve got two new chords and we even started a bit of picking. It could be wishful thinking but I am convinced I am starting to sound slightly less crap than I did last week. Watch this space.

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