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Post 425, FaceBook and other stuff

4th September 2007 • Dave

I have finally succumbed to peer pressure and signed up to the Book. Now I am looking for way to integrate this blog with my FB activities. Grgrgr. Everything else is ticking over just nicely.

Online – I’m enjoying the BBC iPlayer and 4OD as well as Audible where I just bought a Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon.

Offline – The Whiskey Academy on Islay bookended by weekends in Preston is fast approaching. I am wondering what to pack and what not to pack. When travelling for work the choices are pretty clear: suits … check, Dolphin shirts .. Check, laptop … Check, bag of smartphones and accessories … Check. But a week on a remote Scottish island in September is a different prospect entirely. I’m hoping to squeeze in a guitar lesson and pub quiz before I go, neither of which is likely to offer any inspiration in the packing department.

In randomness – Don’t look now but Liverpool are sitting astride the English Premier League! Oh and lest you forget, I am 31 in 45 days! I just bought some nectarines from the Co-op. Think I may go and try one.

Fascinating eh? This is why I don’t blog much!

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