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Rocktober so far

7th October 2007 • Dave

Just catching up with email blogs and pods after a busy couple of days.

Thursday morning saw me dragging my sorry arse into the shower at the crack of doom, 5AM to be exact, to get the train to London to speak at Tech Share. There was a lot going on in DAISY, digital tv, mobile phones, web 2.0, and much more to keep me busy over the couple of days of the conference. Probably not such a good idea to burn the candle at the other end as I basked in a torrent of abuse from a gang of rowdy rugby players from Australia and New Zealand in the hotel bar at stupid o’clock. “The only thing worse than a pommy bastard is a blind pommy bastard”!

Friday afternoon I went East to Ipswich to visit with Clare and Martin. Little did I know their would be a fire engine ablaze (doing what it said on the tin) close to the railway line somewhere on the A12 which would take me and my fellow passengers on a coach diversion into deepest darkest Essex. I got to Ipswich eventually although it would have been quicker to come back to Worcester.

The Dove then the Rose and Crown supplied the bulk of the evenings entertainment. Yours truly scared off a few locals by hammering out a couple of numbers on a freshly tuned piano before we headed back to Martin’s Penthouse which everyone knows is situated above a row of well appointed boutiques. Needless to say the whiskey was flowing like the crystal streams they say flow in heaven. It wasn’t long before Roberts was burbling somewhere on the kitchen floor and I was slump on the soap her putting the world to rights with a gentlemen from the United States.

On Saturday Gordon Brown didn’t call an election and Martin redeemed himself waking a morose me with tea and toast then posting my hangover into a taxi bound for the train station. I changed in Cambridge for Birmingham and had the company of various amusing groups of passengers. There were the chavs who between arguments sang along to banging tunes emanating from a mobile phone. The little boy and girl who tickled each other and resisted the attempts of their grandmother to get the kids moving when it was time for them to disembark. The German lady accompanied by an extremely enthusiastic mail student from Stockport.

I arrived relatively safely in Birmingham where I met with friends for a Japanese meal at a Teppanyaki restaurant. If you have not experienced Teppanyaki then I highly recommend it. Not only is it great food, but hugely entertaining.

It’s back to the office for me tomorrow.

Hope all’s well in Internet land.

All the best.

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