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14th April 2008 • Dave

Hello hello!

It was the London Marathon yesterday. Did I run it? Yeh right.

Recently someone reminded me that apparently I still have a blog but had not posted here for a while. Hmmm. What about that. Right, so Dave why don't you tell us about your girlfriend eh? And are you going on holiday this year? What else you been up to? Eh hem.

Yes there is a girlfriend who has been in the process of gradually domesticating yours truly since before xmas. I've been doing a spot of spring cleaning in readiness for the gf moving in next month! Yeh I know. I've cleared out stacks of junk including: hundreds of old floppy disks (MS DOS 5 and Eureka A4 what?), my collection of old battered leather jackets (sniff) and who knows what else. I unearthed an FM transmitter and a crappy little Midland CB rig. Although I have not decided what to do with these last two yet. Suggestions on a digital postcard please. Buried at the bottom of my wardrobe I discovered a couple of boxes of VHS cassettes. In fear of throwing out a home movie of some deceased relative, and realising I haven't owned a VCR for years, I jumped straight on eBay. While everyone else was snagging a good deal on the latest PVR or smart phone, I was bagging myself a 4-head long play Sony VCR for the princely sum of 16GBP!

On the holiday front, as well as a couple of obligatory trips to visit friends and family in Preston, we have booked flights to Israel in September. We spent Easter in Ipswich and Cambridge and will return to Cambridge for a friend's wedding in the middle of June. Speaking of weddings, my sister is tieing the knot at the end of June and yours truly has been asked to prepare a few words. Ho hum.

So what else? Reassured by the return of the Gadget Show and the Apprentice to TV in the UK, ah and the Snooker World Championships are back on BBC Two next week to also help me slumber off of an evening. On my reading list are: James May's 20th Century, The Adventure of English by Melvyn Bragg, Miracle in the Andes by Nando Parrado and Vince Rause, and A History of Modern Britain by Andrew Marr. The album most recently downloaded is Mike Oldfield – Music Of The Spheres.

On Friday we went to see Richard Digance at Huntington Hall in Worcester. I was mildly concerned that we seemed to be the only people under the age of 50! Ah well, Lenny Henry next month and Steve coogan in Oxford later in the year.

Right that's me. Until the next time. All the best.

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