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We wish we lived in a TARDIS

11th December 2008 • Dave
Due to difficulties in the property market, Emma and I are still in my flat and won’t be moving now until after the baby is born in 2009. This means that in this one bedroom flat we’re almost swallowed up by a huge mountain of baby stuff including: clothes, nappies, Moses basket, push chair, car seat, and who nose what else!  Seriously, there’s hardly any room for a xmas turkey and beer!
Emma and I really truely appreciate everyone’s generosity and support.  Thank you so much! But we simply have no more space to put everything at the moment.  So we’re asking people to please please hold off sending baby gear for the time being.
If you want to help, Mothercare vouchers, a contribution to the child trust fund, offers of baby sitting, are all very welcome. 
Thank you.
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