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Vitamin K or not to Vitamin K

4th January 2009 • Dave

Just one of a gazillion decisions Emma and I will need to take in the days and decades ahead. It did not take us very long to realise that this parenting lark is a bit of a mine field!

We had a superb xmas and new year thank you very much for asking. Themes included: food and drink, plenty of long walks to work off some of the food and drink, oh and a couple of rounds of Scrabble to make sure our brains didn’t completely seize up. We also made the most of the opportunity to enjoy a few lie-ins in advance of baby feeding and nappy changing at the inevitable 3AM.

Our 2009 promises to be a busy one. Baby should be on his way within the next few days/weeks. On the house front we’re subject to contract … again.

Before any of that though, I’ve got to take care of a xmas tree shitting pine neegles all over the carpet.

Right I’m off to eat Jam Roly-poly and watch Lark Rise to Candleford.

Top of the year to you and your’s.

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